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Celebrities On Holograms

posted Sep 12, 2015, 5:10 AM by Ellen Pearlman


Plans are in the works for a Whitney Houston holographic dead celebrity world tour


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi pictured during a live “3D hologram” telecast in Mumbai Photo: AFP


Jimmy Kimmel Live in both Hollywood (left and right big screens) and as a hologram (smaller center image)  in Nashville. 

Holograms USA puts Madame Tussauds Wax Museum to shame. Soon you will be able to go to the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, New York (hometown of Lucille Ball of ‘I Love Lucy fame) and watch live time holograms of your favorite dead comedians at the LucyDesi Center for Comedy.


Sketch up of Richard Prior and others as holograms at LucyDesi Center

Holograms USA is the same company that brought Tupac Shaker to theCoachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2012, and they have refined their techniques to enable more realistic stage representations.


Snoop Dog with a hologram of the late Tupac Shakur -Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella

Its not stopping there. Plans are being draw together for a world tour of that candelabra welding heartthrob Liberace.


Mr. Sparkles & Glitz, Liberace, brought back to life through the magic of technology. Photo Larry Busacca/WireImage

Jonathan Warren, chairman of the Liberace Foundation told Rolling Stone Magazine, “You’ll feel the warmth from his heart, the sparkle of his eye and the pure lightning from his fingertips.”  OOOOWeee - can’t wait!!


Michael Jackson dancing live time as a hologram with real flesh and blood dancers.

There is also the video from the 2014 Billboard Awards of Michael Jacksondancing with real dancers on stage, even though it launched a nasty lawsuit. Very convincing. The technology behind this is a Mylar foil, known as Musion Eyeliner that can deliver uncompressed media for clear projected imagery.

For tech geeks, Musion says their Eyeliner System uses “simple video equipment: a video projector, preferably DLP with an HD card/minimum native resolution of 1280 x 1024 and brightness of 5000+ lumens or a high quality TFT Plasma or LCD screen. A hard-disc player with 1920 x 1080i HD graphics card, Apple or PC video server, DVD player.Musion Eyeliner Foil + 3D set/drapes enclosing 3 sides lighting and audio Show controller (on site or remote) Subjects are filmed in HDTV and broadcast on to the foil through HDTV projection systems, driven by HD Mpeg2 digital hard disc players, or uncompressed full HDTV video/Beta-Cam players.”

Hologram USA is producing “The Fishtank” with 3D viewing, powered by 16 core computers.


In the fishtank with a 20 foot wide version on the way


Pricey Eyeliner setups

They actually show mockups of their Eyeliner setups for traveling theater shows. Their Eyeline foil is 1/25,000 of an inch thick and uses three layers


The three layers of holographic foil in orange fades

The image is then projected both from the top and the bottom and reflected back into the foil with surprisingly lifelike effects.


Holograhic image from the top, and also double of image from the bottom reflected back.

However, the real jumping off point is the telepresence experience called “on stage” that the company has developed. It is just like the Jimmy Kimmel projection pictured above. The plans are to have it go from the big stage, to a business environment, to eventually the home. It can also be broadcast live time across an IP network. It is “full interoperability in the IP word, the solution is ‘standard spaced” and “any PC with a broadband connection can tune into the broadcast of telepresence.” The real issue is not what product it can be projected onto or in, but the scaling of the architecture for all products cross platform.  They say they have hologram telepresence in 28 countries and is being adopted by Cisco very strongly. The more networks that are created, the more users can use it. They are targeting everything from medical conferences to rural hubs. 


The man on the left from HologramUSA TelePresence™ is in Bangalore, India, and the Martin DeBeers and Chuck Stukey on the right from Cisco are in San Jose, California. 

In the picture above the Cisco guys are getting ready to toss a ball out to the audience, but admit they “haven’t yet figured out how to do that.” However, they are partnering with major telecom carriers like BT, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and EE.

Cisco is using an Netriders competition to sponsor a ‘virtual’ team with a sign on bonus and make it a new emerging technology that they can develop.

But Holograms USA have not stopped there. They are aiming their sights on Washington D.C., the nation’s capital and hired the Northern Virginia-based firm U.S. Government Relations International to present their technology to politicians. Holograms USA already helped Narendra Modi become prime minster of India, allowing him to address a number of political rallies simultaneously. But does the world really need a virtual Donald?