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Dancers Wearing Brain Sensors Dance With Kinect

posted Jan 30, 2013, 10:28 PM by Ellen Pearlman

Dancers Wearing Brain Sensors Dance With Kinect

Dancer wearing brain sensor dancing to his own Kinect images

 A dancer wearing the Neuro Sky brain sensor performing with maskings created by the Kinect its part of a new level of experimental interactivity. It is too early to develop a hard and fast aesthetic, but what it points to is astounding, a merging of the inner cognitive processes inside the brain, albeit at a primitive level, with a external audience aware performative space. 

Dancer with Neuro Sky sensor

A Neural Sky sensor is strapped to the dancer’s head. The green wavy circular image is a projection of one state of awareness of the dancer’s brain waves. The yellow image of the dancer on the left is created with a few seconds of delay. The flaming yellow on the right is actually the light reflecting onto the floor and being picked up by a 3D depth infra red camera in the Kinect. 

Dancer working with red dot following her and ghost image from Kinect

I started thinking about the roots of this imagery in turn of the century cubism and futurism and found a link to Lumino-Dynamics which first appeared in 1960. It used a simple mechanical device that turned and reflected light through coloured gels. 

Lumino-Dynamics sculpture by Nicholas Schoffer, 1960

Those gels refracted and reflected light, and bear an uncanny resembalance to the way the light appears from these experiments with the Kinect and brain sensors.

Light reflections from Lumino-Dynamics, 1960