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Exploding Mind Balloon Art & World’s First Oculus Rift Feature Film

posted Oct 25, 2014, 11:08 PM by Ellen Pearlman


Artist Jody Xiong’s MindArt Project

Jody Xiong, a creative director for Ogilvy and Mather Shanghai put together an ad campaign "Mind Art, No Limits" for Winsor and Newton acrylic paints. In one short video it power boosts empowerment for the handicapped, bumps up the sales and brand recognition of a maker of fine arts paints, and throws in the trending subject of ‘brain art.’ 


Balloon being loaded with black acrylic paint and detonator with wire

China has 83 million disabled people, bigger than the population of entire countries. Winsor & Newton, breaking into the Chinese market used Xiong to run a campaign showing disabled people as creative and deserving of respect. A call was put out on on social media (certainly not Facebook or Twitter) recruiting sixteen handicapped individuals. The individuals, many rolled out in wheelchairs, selected paint colors that were then loaded into special balloons containing detonators and lifted above pre-stretched canvases below. 

The participants were outfitted with snazzy looking Neuro Sky headsets, keyed to certain levels of attention or focus and monitored by the visualizer for Neuro Sky. 


Neuro Sky visualizer interface

When the subjects focus entered a pre-set range, it triggered the dangling balloon detonators, exploding paint over the canvas. The ‘paintings’ were then auctioned, raising over $100,000 for charity.


Dangling black paint exploding balloon scattering itself all over a white canvas

This crosses over into many, many areas ranging from art therapy, advertising, gunpowder art, action painting, neuroscience, gaming, you name it. 


Handicapped artist and his creation

The exhibit toured 22 cities with an average 50,000 visitors per week, It made it onto China State TV and was re-tweeted by “opinion makers” (or at least those who the party deemed opinion makers.) The campaign says it reached 20 million “media impressions” for free. This did not imply Ogilvy produced the campaign for Winsor & Newton pro bono. As a result of this media blitz Winsor & Newton’s brand awareness increased 17 percent and sales rose 6.6 percent. 


Was this man paid for raising Winsor and Newton’s sales 6.6% in China?

Though this seems,to be a work about handicapped rights and art, its actually a slick infomercial covertly showcasing the future of brain enabled devices and neuro gaming. Here is Oglivy’s take on the matter -

" Challenge: As world’s leading acrylic paint supplier, Winsor & Newton has very low brand awareness in China. Clients want us to raise the brand awareness within a small budget. Objectives: Raising brand awareness for Winsor & Newton in China, secondly raising the sales. Strategy: Considering the small budget, we decided to go from the charity angle. By weaving our brand naturally in a project for disabled people, we wanna make it a topic all around China. “



The World’s first feature length Oculus Rift Movie

XLrator Media releases “Banshee Chapter” the world’s first full length feature movie made for the Oculus Rift in the U.S. in December. It uses San Francisco software startup Jamwix’s proprietary Chimera software. Jamwix, founded in June, 2013 is a bunch of classmates from Carnegie Mellon University who studied under the late Randy Pausch. They have been been working together for about fifteen years. The creative team has collectively been employed by Sony Playstation, Linden Lab’s Second Life, Omnicon,  and mobile game publishing house, Ngmoco. 


Jamwix’s logo

Banshee Chapter is the story of a female journalist looking for a missing friend who was taking mind altering drugs in secret government trials. Sounds like the CIA MKUltra project to me, which it references, and also riffs off H.P. Lovecraft’s “From Beyond.” 


President of Jamwix


Simulated stereoscopic night scene of Banshee Chapter inside the Oculus Rift

The entire environment was developed to be immersive and create a world of its own where you are dropped into the move. The rhythm and aesthetic are designed specially for Rift viewing. 

The movie is available for downloading free here. You need OSX 10.8 or higher. It was developed on a Macbook Air 2012, 4G Ram, 75 fps, Intel Graphics 4000. 

Immersive movie going is real, and brain enabled devices are being used in ad campaigns, Next is immersive brain devices in Oculus - five to ten years away?