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First VR Film Festival ever! - so in your face

posted Sep 28, 2015, 8:02 AM by Ellen Pearlman


Still from “Butts” by Tyler Hurd

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to have a grown up blue Snurf-like figure fart out glitter dust all over my face in an immersive 3D environment! Two minutes of butts and scatological references! “Butts” is the supposed first every animated cartoon for virtual reality, part of a Virtual Reality film festival making a ten-city tour organised by VR video agency Kaleidoscope and video hosting platformVrideo. Its going to Boston, Austin, Toronto, New York, LA,  San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle and Portland.

However, if you want something more sobering, and real, then the festival also offers  “Welcome to Aleppo”  by Christian Stephan. His immersive experience takes you on a 360 degree hike around Allepo, Syria so you can understand, up close and personal, what all those hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees are running from.


Welcome to Aleppo by Christian Stephan

So let’s say animation is not your thing, and war torn zones are a tad too real. Then you can watch “Surge” by Arjan Van Meerten, a year long code jamboree fest about evolution and complexity created in the newest cutting edge software program, Unreal.


Surge by Arjan Van Meerten

But if you want to kick back and watch a docu-drama, then Jessica Kantor has produced a black and white quickie story “The Archer.”


Jessica Kantor, The Archer

All of these are seen in an ubiquitous alone - together viewing environment.


Let’s be together - but alone while we watch our VR videos.

So what might happen to you, or your significant other under these conditions? Could you meet and fall in VR Luv? Aaron Bradbury already thought this through, and made a VR pre-rendered 360 degree animation about the chemical processes that occur when you glimpse the object of your desire - aptly titled “LoVR.”


LoVR by Aaron Bradbury

The implications of this new viewing environment, minus the popcorn, should keep Sherry Turkle trying to deconstruct this new type of “Alone Together” in business for the next fifteen years - at least