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Kinect Goes SETI

posted Jan 30, 2013, 8:46 PM by Ellen Pearlman

Kinect Goes SETI

The Kinetc has gone crowd sourced for 3D spaces to map and is modeling its project after SETI @ home.  They are calling this hunt for diverse configurationsKinect @ home and it emulates SETI quite closely. The computer vision and algorithm guys realize they need more 3D pictures of normal rooms, as static labs are not yielding enough of the real thing.  Kinect@home states, “Robotics and computer vision researchers need vast amount of images from everyday environments such as homes and offices to improve their algorithms. Kinect@Home is the world’s largest database of RGBD-videos from authentic homes all around the world.”

Make Me One Happy Robot - Please!

The site offers to let one download free software that anonymously uploads your living room, bedroom, play room, or snooker bar up to their data visualization specialists. They ask you keep your mugs and tchotchkes around as well - the more the merrier.

Kinect computer vision scans you and your tchotchkes (cups with red squares)

SETI@home uses Internet-connected computers in the “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence” (SETI), and also comes with with a free downloadable program. Their program downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.  SETI is offering the equivalent of “America’s Got Talent” by blatantly advertising on their home page”Your chance to be famous” via abook/multimedia project in in the works called “The Human Face of Big Data,” and they want to interview someone (It could be you!), especially someone who participates from home in an exotic location and runs multiple computers to serve the force.

Your own SETI@Home logo button

Plus SETI gives you free MP3 music like “The Travel to Andromeda,” poetry such as “Singing to the Stars,”  and nifty art such as “Unrequited Love.” They do have an edge in that they have been around and broadcasting since 1999. However, E.T. has not yet landed in anyone’s closet, at least as of this writing.

Kinect@home is actually (gasp!) Swedish! It is a bunch of robotics researchers from Center for Autonomous Systems, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, and is funded by CogX, which also makes their version of “Dora the Explorer” as Dora the Robot tries to make cornflakes.

Dora in a lovely taxi yellow dress looks for cornflakes - but does not find them!

Dora does not find them because Dora did not look in the kitchen, represented by a rectangle to the right of the office and the left of elongated.

Dora staring at you first thing in the morning asking for coffee before fetching the cornflakes - Yikes!

Now if they would give out free “Dora the Explorer” cartoons, they might get this party really started.