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Marina Abramovic And The Museum Of Durational Performance

posted Aug 20, 2013, 12:50 PM by Ellen Pearlman


Experience of Eye Gazing Chamber, all renderings by Rem Koolhaas/OMA

Marina Abromovic is creating an institute named after herself that will function as a museum of durational performance in Hudson, New York. Right now she is running a Kickstarter campaign, which by all accounts is looking like she will meet her goal of $600,000. She has already contributed 1.5 million dollars of her own money towards this endeavour.

Her desire to create the Marina Abromovic Institute (MAI) emerged at the conclusion of her 736 hour long performance at the Museum of Modern Art, when she understood “the need of the public to be part of the total experience,” and to create “a new institute for humanity.” This is part of her push to bring together “Art, Science, Technology and Spirituality” in a new context. 

In her campaign she gives a virtual tour. The experience starts when you enter the facility. At that point you have to sign a contract guarantying  six hours of your time allowing no outside diversions. You have to hand over your personal belongings, put on a lab coat, receive headphones to block out outside sound and engage in a series of choreographed events and placements. The first step introduces one to what is essentially mindful walking. 


People in labcoats mindfully walking, image by Milica Zec

Then you go into the eye gazing chamber, pictured above.  I already blogged about  this phenomenon in my  post from March 19 on "Brain Awareness Week." 

Next you enter the crystal cave and see how the energies of crystals affect on you. At this point it looks like some people decided to remove their headphones.


Crystal cave

After you become crystallized you enter the levitation chamber where beds are suspended by magnetic force. Here you are introduced to the effects of magnets and gravity. The beds look a little tough to negotiate.


The “anti-gravitation” experience on magnetic levitated beds

Then everyone gets wheeled in a special wheelchair into the main hall where some kind of performative event takes place.


Performative event taking place while you recline in a specially designed wheelchair

If you happen to fall asleep, you get rolled, just like in a nursing home, into a different place. It must be incredibly boring to be an attendant here searching for snoozing relational aesthetic particpants.


People being wheeled to “sleep chamber.”

There will also be libraries, lecture halls, a science chamber, and a spiritual chamber, Marina states “You come here not to just see the work but you come here to change yourself through the work.” The point, in this ever changing hyper speedy techno world is to slow down. 

The other part of this is Marina seems to be putting herself squarely in favor of pursing science and cognitive research. She is also tackling the thorny question of how to document, preserve and present works of long duration in real time. She is developing the only institute of “long duration” in the world. 


Marina and participant on the same wavelength

Planet 3D wishes Marina good luck in achieving her goal, and will avidly be following her developments in cognition, art, science, technology and spirituality, which are in alignment with the goals of this publication.