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Shelly Hirsch and Simon Ho at Roulette

posted Jan 30, 2013, 8:36 PM by Ellen Pearlman

Shelly Hirsch and Simon Ho at Roulette

As we become more mediated, and more virtual, what is the purpose of the story in such a world? Can being human change so fundamentally that new technologies alter our basic nature in a generation?

Shelly Hirsch and Simon Ho presented “Where Were You Then” a moving, quirky and altogether original rendition with 9 musicians and spoken text.

It made me think about what makes a story compelling. What do we as humans react to. With so much experimentation and technical innovation, it appears the issue of the making of art, even interactive art, skims the surface of our deepest needs and desires. This performance reminded me that without content and thrust, the making of meaning, however abstracted and innovative can become brittle.