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Subconscious Sounds

posted Apr 4, 2013, 7:45 AM by Ellen Pearlman

Usually I don’t focus on music, but this new product from Neurowear called “Mico” (pronounced MEE CO) really caught my attention. Mico is short for “Music Inspiration From Your Subconscious.”


Simple headset with brain sensor

It can only determine 3 moods and they display in LED lights on the side of the headphone. It says the purpose of this is to “free the user from having to select songs and artists and allows users to encounter new music just by wearing the device.” They even have their own database of music. Their DJ is an app called “Zen Tunes” that makes the selection for you. 


This explanation mark means the user is focused


The z’s mean the user is drowsy


The cross, which resembles first aid means the user is stressed


This is a photo of J- pop star Julie Watai wearing the headphones and getting the (faint)  zzz response - relaxed?

In order to use this you have to have an iPhone. What about an Android or other model? Right now there are no answers about this. 

The way it works is the user’s brainwaves are sent to the iPhone, and the iPhone program chooses music to send back to the earphone headsets.


Feedback loop - brain to IOS iPhone to Zen Tunes to user’s ears


The device sending information to “Zen Tunes” in an iphone. Note the faux brain scan going on in the lower half of the image.

Will this work better than drugs or with drugs? Will this influence people’s aesthetic choices? Will the DJ environment give way to a VJ environment so visuals will work as well? Do we want mood controlled art dictated by a bunch of programmers? What is that going to do for variety?

Stay tuned.