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Virtual Store For Busy Shoppers In Korea

posted Jan 30, 2013, 8:35 PM by Ellen Pearlman

Virtual Store For Busy Shoppers In Korea

For busy shoppers in Korea, Tedsco has created a virtual grocery shopping convenience store. All shoppers have to do is scan the QRC code into their smart phone. When they arrive home the package is delivered. Apparently Koreans hate shopping for food and standing on line, or so they say.

The implications of this are profound. Yes, it saves time and it creates jobs for the workers who deliver the food, sort of like a virtual Fresh Direct. It also allows an incredible database of food choices, and personal information into the servers of Tedsco that can be sold, resold, and manipulated. It combines pictures of food, and the generic packaging of that food to replace the touch and feel of the real thing. Maybe the meat you order is 3 days old, you’ll never know. Plus it creates a representation or simulation of the thing to replace the thing meaning you are choosing and consuming your food through images and digital means. What will happen when the price of food rises because the price of rare earths rise, making smart phones and related technologies rise in cost as well?

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